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2008-01-27 Bussum

reviewed by Rianne

Bussum..... Well, this was an interesting one! First, a little explanation. Colm was available for all of the dates of the Dutch/Belgian tour, except for Bussum. The CTs (or more specifically, Peter Boone) had arranged for a temporary replacement. Said temporary replacement canceled this morning because he was sick!!! He offered to send someone else instead, but the tenors declined, and instead Daryl and James each played the piano during two songs this evening. It certainly was an interesting change, and all things considered (VERY little time to practice, nerves, etc.) it
went very well.

The song list for this evening (slightly different due to the absence of a pianist):

- Ireland's Call
- Song For Ireland
- Finnegan's Wake
- You Raise Me Up
An Cailín Rua
- Pie Jesu (James on the piano)
- Nella Fantasia
- O Mio Babbino Caro (Daryl on the piano)
- Still By Your Side
- Irish Rover
- In The Gloaming
- Remember Me
- So Strong
- I'll Tell Me Ma
- Ten Thousand Tears
- Ave Maria (James on piano)
- Katie
- The Mad Lady and Me
- Bring Him Home (Daryl on piano)
- An Poc Ar Buile
- Caledonia
- Whiskey in the Jar
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye
- Nessun Dorma

For the sake of our tenors' nerves, though, I am happy that Colm will be back this Tuesday to wow everyone at the piano again!