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2008-01-26 Hardenberg

reviewed by Gabi and Klaus

We´re just back from stormy Holland and our hearts are filled with wonderful impressions and magical moments.

The trip to Hardenberg yesterday was windy, but rather sunny and pleasant. When we arrived in town it was stormy and colder. Yes, Matthew, I have looked not only in such a way, to me it WAS really cold ;-))).

The area around the theatre was one big construction site. Seems that the whole town is under construction at the moment. But lucky we - we´ve found a park site situated directly near the theatre where we´ve parked our motorhome and stayed overnight as well.

Some ours before the beginning of concert we decided to discover Hardenberg and after a while we´ve met the Tenors and lovely Donna in town and were introduced to Colm and Robbie. Both are nice guys. Welcome to the team, Colm and Robbie.

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome. It is always a joy and a great gift for us to meet you.

Rianne, we have been very pleased to meet you again as well. We also have met Ali and her friend. Ali has delivered me your greetings, Ute !!! Thank you so much. Glad to hear that you and Uli had a great time in Vlaardingen.

As already said the theatre was very well filled ( I think sold out?) with people full of expectations and the concert had certainly surpassed all of them !

Beautiful songs, many of them brand new, were presented very well by our dear Tenors and Donna, musically accompanied perfectly by Colm and Robbie. They both wonderfully fit in the team.

Rianne has already posted the song list.

Every single song was a highlight. I especially fell in love with these ones: Ave Maria, The Holy City , Pie Jesu , The mad Lady and me, Katie, Bring him home....WOW.
Donnas voice fitted in fantastically to the voices of our guys. She looked beautiful in each and everyone of her breathtaking dresses. What a talented young lady !!!

The whole performance was absolutely powerful. No wonder that the audience was delighted and thanked with standing ovations at the end of the show.

After the show there was a long and very cordial meet & greet. First we had a lot of time for a chat and photos with lovely Donna and Colm. Looking forward to meet you both again soon.
Then there was time enough for squooshes, conversations and photos with Matthew, Daryl and James. Robbie came along a bit later.

Daryl, as I´ve already told you yesterday: your German is still fantastic. I really enjoyed the conversation with you! Thank you for your kind words. You know what I mean.

James, I think the donation box for Kenya and your photo album of Kibera on the merchandise table is a very good idea. Let´s hope for a full box every evening.

Thank you all for spending so much of your time with us fans and giving every single one the feeling of being very special. You bring so much sunshine into our lives.

Have a very successful tour and take care of yourselves.

See you soon,

Gabi and Klaus.