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2008-01-25 Vlaardingen

reviewed by Ute

When once the tour plan of the Netherlands was pronounced it was no question for Uli and me which concert to choose: The first one in Vlaardingen as this should take place in a church! We have never seen the Tenors in a venue like this so far and so we really looked forward to. A few days before our departure to the Netherlands there was a letter in the mailbox from the host of the concert. I opened it with mixed feelings because I feared the concert was cancelled but luckily they only told us that the concert would be without an orchestra. What a relief!

The next shock I got while driving to the Netherlands: The mobile rang and it was Rianne. My first thought was again a cancelled concert but she 'only' told us that the concert would take place at another venue and not in the church. Big relief again. At the hotel I phoned Rianne again and she said the Tenors would be on a TV show in a few minutes. What a surprise! The boys sang 'Wild Rover' and talked a short while with the host. There was also a dog in the studio which was funny. The boys came across very likeable and I really was eager to attend their concert now soon...

Finally the evening was here when the concert tooks place.

The boys appeared dressed in black with white shirts and ties. They looked simply great. They started with ' I'll Tell Me Ma' and then James greeted the audience in Dutch. I think it's always a special way to please the audience when the people are greeted in their native language.

The next tune was 'Song For Ireland'. I really hoped they would sing it as this is one of my absolute favourite songs anyway. I was very familar with this song sung by Mary Black so far and so I really wondered how the rendition of the Tenors would be. Daryl told the audience a few words beforehand and then they started to sing. It was wonderful, simply great. The different voices of the tenors matched together so well and the touching lyrics combined with the voices of the boys were mindblowing. I for myself would strongly recommend this song in every concert.

I don't want to write down a few words to every song this time as you have the song list from Rianne already but a few songs I must mention separately:

The probably best song for me this evening was 'In the gloaming'. John and I found out recently that we both adore this song and that we haven't heard it live so far. John, I really hope you can hear it one day on stage. You surely can express in words what I simply can't.

'The Holy City' was also a very good choice of the Tenors to perform live.

After all those songs we've heard so far I felt already very spoiled not knowing that they would also sing 'Ten Thousand Tears'. This is as well a favourite of Uli and me so no need to tell you how much we enjoyed it. The boys had made a good joke concerning this song but I don't tell you now, of course. The song was perfect. For Uli this was the best song this evening.

Donna did a great performance with 'Ave Maria' and 'Katie' then. Suffice to say that the young lady looked stunning but also the members of the 'choir' she had in the background to second her. At that moment I was aware one more time how handsome the guys looked as well!:-)

'Bring Him Home' and 'Caledonia' moved me a lot as always.

The audience was simply great. A lot of clapping and cheerings all the time and during 'So Strong' I heard a lot of people singing along the correct lyrics! Here I was very surprised, not knowing before how popular this very own Celtic Tenor song is. Their performance was very zippy and I'm sure every one of the audience was in movement then.

At the end of the concert the boys talked about the TV show were they had been a day before and Matt (or Daryl?) mentioned that the dog 'Schobbie' was very fond of James and we all had to laugh then. I wondered who isn't fond of James actually?

The Tenors told the audience they would be glad to see us at the meet and greet. Daryl said he wouldn't talk then, only hug. I was happy that he didn't as I really enjoyed talking with him (and the hugs of course as well)

Daryl, I assure you that your German is still as good as it was last year and your German pronunciation sounds simply sweet.

Matt, as always I enjoyed talking with you and thanks for answering my questions! I really loved to hear what's on with your family.

James, what shall I say? The time after the concert we spent with you was simply to short! And yes, I liked the new Jimmy Mac Carthy song that much! We had a lot to laugh, you remember? I'm delighted you don't share the same opinions with Uli concerning a few things ;-) but I really wonder who it was who once teached you the German word 'Weib' (that's not a very nice word for woman in German). To be honest, I was a bit shoked though you used it in a humorous way. And yes, while driving home there was again a lot of traffic!!!

Please tell Colm and Robbie one more time that we really enjoyed their music (though I already told them personally) and say a warm welcome to them in our Celtic Tenor family.

Uli and I still share the opinion that this time it was the best choice of songs EVER you had at a concert we attended. It was really a good balance of old and new songs, as well as funny and haunting tunes.

There is no need to mention that it doesn't matter that we haven't seen the Tenors in a church. The evening was perfect anyway and it will always be as long as it's the Celtic Tenors on stage, no matter what venue it is.

It was really a night to remember, so I end this endless mail with an Abba song. I've changed it a bit, now it fits to the Tenors:

Thank you for the music
the songs you're singing
thanks for all the joy you're bringing

Who can live without it?
I ask in all honesty
what would life be
without a song of our boys
what are we?
So I say thank you for the music,
for giving it to me.