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2008-01-25 Vlaardingen

reviewed by Rianne

The Celtic Tenors Dutch tour 2008 has just gotten off to a wonderful start in Vlaardingen. Even if this concert seemed jinxed beforehand, with orchestra's that weren't there after all and a move from a church to a concert hall (which delayed the show by about half an hour because many people, unaware of the move, came to the church after all), the concert itself went very well.

We had a new member of the CT family behind the piano this evening. Colm Henry will be the musical director for this tour, and probably the foreseeable future. He had been called in pretty much at the last minute and had only learned most of the songs yesterday(!!), but you wouldn't be able to tell: he did GREAT! We had another new face behind the guitar: his name is Robbie Overson. Both gents did a wonderful job this evening, and Colm in particular deserves special mention for the abovementioned reason! This was an evening of "firsts": it was the first performance in Vlaardingen, with a few new faces on the stage, Donna's first ever concert in the Netherlands AND we had a few new songs!

The song list:
- I'll Tell Me Ma
- Song For Ireland
- Finnegan's Wake (NEW!!)
- You Raise Me Up
An Cailin Rua
- Pie Jesu (NEW!!)
- Libiamo
- O Mio Babbino Caro
- Still By Your Side
- The Irish Rover
- In The Gloaming
- Remember Me


- The Holy City
- So Strong
- Ten Thousand Tears
- Ave Maria
- Katie
- The Mad Lady And Me (NEW!!)
- Bring Him Home
An Poc Ar Buile
- Caledonia
- Whiskey In The Jar
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye

- Nessun Dorma
- Danny Boy

A few additional notes:
- James has learned a few new Dutch lines, but I won't tell what they are yet!
- No soprano B flats or goat jokes this time, but the story behind Finnegan's wake is pretty funny!
- The guys mentioned their performance on the "Max & Loretta" show, and Daryl asked whether the audience thought it was normal to have a dog in the studio (the answer was yes) and mentioned that James in particular was very fond of Schobbie.
- We had a little collection box on the CD table for Kenya, and raised ¬ 20. I'm sure we'll do much better than that when the guys mention it on stage and tell the audience what it's for - they didn't
do that this evening.

Vlaardingen has been a good start!