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2008-12-23 a Christmas Greeting from James

Greetings to you all from rather mild Wicklow...quite warm actually...and dry...yippee!

Thanks also to countless people for all the cards, and good wishes, and emails, for this festive season. And also to so many of you, congratulating us on our CD. You can be assured that the next CD will be a little more of what you might expect from the CTs...perhaps Inspirational and Christmas...perhaps!

It never ceases to amaze me how perceptive/observant you all are in your reviews...things I don't even know I did at times!!!

I hate to admit this in public, but "Eileen a run" was sort of improvised!! We didn't really know it before...but it got so many comments! Its not written down.
Thank you John for noticing the piecing together of the Christmas Selection...I spent a morning in my lil cottage doing that... and my one piece of self-indulgence which I wanted to sing was my favourite Christmas song of them all....the Holst version of "In the bleak mid-Winter" I'm glad others liked it too! I hate to think of you in sackcloth for an entire day however, but knowing you, I'm sure it was Designer-Sackcloth!

Rianne got all the names of Dervish for you. We absolutely loved the collaboration, we really did...they are genuinely lovely people... I am surprised none of you noticed when I announced the name of the Fiddler, that I really separated the names? Tom Morrow? Quite difficult not to say Tomorrow!

Not sure where you got the info re a DVD...there are plans...but nothing definite as yet...perhaps you mixed it up with the NPR Dervish radio show on which we are guests? Sorry, not sure about that...

Gosh I casually mention "Meet you under the Mistletoe", and I kinda started something...fabulous!! And for that reason, I am wearing a baseball cap at the moment, with a piece of mistletoe dangling from the peak...just in case...

FINALLY....something important...and rather lovely really...It seems fitting to announce this at this season of giving...I hinted a few weeks back about the Kenya Build Team having a surprise or two in 2009. Basil has now finalised his building team for 2009, and I believe 2010 is even full also!! I am of course returning in June 2009, and it looks like Maeve and I will be doing a series of fund-raising concerts in Nairobi the week we arrive...and perhaps our wonderful MD Colm will be playing...all to be fully finalised. But what HAS been finalised is the building team...and two familiar names (apart from Maeve and myself of course) are ...Drum Roll... John Harding and Rianne van Elswijk. Congratulations you two!! Brace yourself for the walk through Kibera.

Thought it was important to announce that as soon as we knew for sure.

Obviously all the money goes to the same place, so if some of you generous folk who have kindly sponsored me in the past, would like to sponsor John, Rianne or Maeve, honestly I won't be upset!

And with that, hope each and every one of you have a special Christmas, and love to each and every one of you!