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2008-11-28 a message from James

Sun, Sand and Snow...

So there we were...walking on the beach in Fort Lauderdale in our shorts and Tshirts, having been in a boat around the Everglades, and then we went to the Luxury Spa for a steam and a jacuzzi...

Then 12 hours later we were driving through driving snow in Ontario, on the way to Huntsville...after a 4am lobby call...

Our life is partially glamorous!

Concerts seem to be going well so far...quite a different mix of songs at the moment, and the Christmas / Holiday numbers are waiting in the wings also. And warning... Air Supply is NOT in the set at the moment, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it!

Just in case Daryl doesn't reply immediately... I know he has recorded at least one solo album in the past...He actually performed at Milwaukee on his own a few years ago and made a CD for that reason...but good luck if you're gonna try and get a copy...We have not even heard it yet!! In fact...I think there may even be two CDs!

Thank you SO MUCH for all you're doing to promote Kenya Build. Great. Really great. Basil is heading out there in January to choose the next orphanage for building/upgrading. David, our driver out there, has been doing research to see which is perhaps the most needy/worthy. We will know soon. Also, of course Cheryl's is getting a new kitchen (thanks to the amazing efforts of Dundalk Grammar School and Gillian Johnston's Transition Year Class), as well as a dining room/common room. Cheryl's is almost finished! And we are hoping to do at least one, maybe two concerts, in Kenya in June. looks like Colm may be coming out to play!!! It also looks like the building team for 2009 and 2010 has been finalised...Basil can only take a certain amount of people...doesn't want to make it too big...but...again...I am being a bit of a tease again...there may be one or even two surprises on that building team! I hope to be in a position to announce shortly. Maeve has been accepted again, as have I...but there's more. I will reveal all soon I hope...(as it were).

Looking forward to seeing Barb in a week or so, and maybe some other folk along the way...not sure...and then some of you in Ireland also...we have already rehearsed with Dervish and it went really well...lovely bunch of people and I think the collaborations will be cool.

Anyway, everyone, I will try to pop in soon again...must go now...heading to Oshawa shortly!

Take care everyone, and love to each and every one of you, James.