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2008-10-21 a message from James

Well normally when James comes back from extreme heat, he resembles, in the words of our Ex-Musical Director, "a Friendly Match"!! However, I am more brown this time. I am sure peeling will begin shortly...lovely.

Well its sunny today in Wicklow, very sunny indeed, but it hasn't been like this much for the last month or so, and so, it was wonderful to escape to the Middle East where sunshine is guaranteed.
Our new contact there is Sian Dubai , the company, and they looked after us so well. We stayed at the luxurious Westin Hotel - you know - the sort of hotel you find hard to leave, with stunning rooms, fabulous food, located on the beach, with a full and HUGE pool complex, and SO much more. And every day it was about 36 to 38 degree heat. Mmmmm.

The concerts all went well, in Abu Dhabi, the Dubai Westin Hotel itself, Doha in Qatar and at the beautiful Madinat Theatre in Dubai for 2 nights...perhaps Barb can do one of her links. It is a beautiful theatre, in a wonderful posh shopping mall.

We sang several of our songs from our new album! (yes that famous new rather elusive album) By now you must know a LOT of the tracklist, as we have mentioned it quite a bit? As we speak, the artwork is being done for it! We have mentioned the following songs already which we have perfromed in our show, so its no secret really? There are 11 tracks on the album, and we have mentioned... "Shenandoah", "Four Strong Winds", "You ain't goin nowhere", "Lay down Sally", "Pilgrim 33", "Hard Times", "Fearless Love", "Marie", and "Come what may" (accompanied by David Baerwald alone). So...hmm...what are the other 2 tracks? You nearly have the whole tracklist, not in the correct order of course, though I believe "Shenandoah" is Track 11.

Well done Maeve on your Kenya Talk...sorry I was out of the country or I would've been there. Delighted it obviously went really well. I did a talk in Dundalk Grammar School the day we flew to the Middle East. I spoke to about 200 children, and showed my photos on a large screen. The Transition Year there are doing a HUGE amount of fundraising for "Kenya Build" and in fact are doing so much they will be fully sponsoring the building of a kitchen for Cheryls! Isn't that incredible? One class in one school. I am performing in a concert on January 11th which is being put on by Dundalk Grammar School at a church in Drogheda. I was quite emotional that day, as it was overwhelming to see the support the project is getting. At the moment Cheryl's Children eat outside or on their beds, and the cooking is done on an open fire, and the hundreds of plates washed in rainwater which is stored in tanks. Next year they will get a kitchen and a dining/common room! So well done EVERYONE, including every one of you here who has supported the project, and Dundalk Grammar School, and Maeve.

Love to each and every one of you,