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2008-10-08 a message from James

Please forgive me for not having responded sooner.

I thought I'd set aside some time to say Hi!

I suppose that when we have actual time-off, and I get to go home to family in Sligo, and get to do things at home, and to meet up with friends I haven't seen in months... well then, other things get left behind, and for that all I can do is apologise... Ok I now am employing those amazing eyes Puss 'n Boots used in Shrek... Am I forgiven?

Donegal and Clare were frequent holiday destinations for the Nelson Family when I was growing up (those 2 counties in particular on many occasions). Kerry and Achill were next in line!

Beate and John, your reviews were BEAUTIFULLY written! It does us tenors good to read them, thank you both.

I have always loved "Come what may", but we were fascinated to hear it from the composer himself...his lyrics used to be very dark and cynical indeed UNTIL his little baby was born. He actually wrote "Come what may" after his baby was born and intended it as a very gentle lullaby, and so, breaking news, that is how it was recorded on our album... and I was privileged to record it with him as a solo, with David Baerwald playing guitar - nothing else! It was one of those moments!
Just to publicly wish Maeve all the best for this weekend as she gives a full presentation to her Church, on her trip to Kenya. She has been asked to give a full Powerpoint presentation to the congregation about her time in Nairobi, as part of the Church's Harvest Festival. Knowing Maeve whe will be very well prepared indeed. And I believe that there is a representative from the Kenyan Embassy going to be there too! Sorry I can't be there to hear it, but I have to go to extreme heat for a few weeks for some concerts, and stay in a 5-star hotel on a beach...sorry, but someone's gotta do it!

Love to each and every one of you!