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2008-09-23 a message from James

Love from SUNNY Ireland

Well, we haven't been able to say that for a while!!! And it IS sunny, beautiful.

Tullamore seemed to go down well, despite the initial problems with sound. They seemed to get ironed out by the end of the first half. And judging by the reviews, people didn't seem to generally mind too much.

Great to see several of you there, and some of my fellow-Kenya-builders too...Maeve and Shirley...You don't know Shirley but she appears in several photos and is coming to the NCH in December also.

I am happy you liked our Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria"...maybe it needs to be added to the list for our Inspirational Album.

With regards the new album. All I know's done, finished, but now our new Manager Tim is trying to find the right record company to distribute it. Gosh I hope it IS out for Christmas!!! Aaaagggghhhhhh, sorry, I am not much help on that one.

Thanks for your Tullamore reports. Looking at the setlists, they do look quite different to usual. And John, I think you may have surpassed even your own high standards with that eloquent piece of prose! WOW! Of course you are entirely biased. But, you are incredibly perceptive. I whole-heartedly agree with those folk who say you ought to take up writing. We have such eloquent writers in here, don't we? Even several for whom English is their second language! Thank you all anyway for your positive comments...even about my piano-playing.

It was good you got to see that article in the "Meath Chronicle" which told some new secrets about Matthew!

We have our concert with Donna in Ballina on Friday, so I am heading down to Sligo to family on Thursday til Sunday, as I also have a solo concert on Saturday at the Radisson Hotel in Sligo...when I say solo, there are several Sligo artists involved, but it is not The Celtic Tenors performing...just me.
Talk again soon.

Love to each and every one of you!