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2008-09-11 a message from Daryl

Well summer has truelly left us and the weather in Ireland is abysmal!!

Should have known that it would happen. Although we are at home as such, it seems that we find ourselves even more busy than usual. The life on the road really is easier!!! just kidding!!! Lots of interesting things on the horizon, and it is always cool to be doing some shows at home. The church concerts always hold a special place with us, so we are all looking forward to them. I had a question for everyone? is there anything that you all would love to see be added to the official web-site?

Everynow and then we need to re assess a few things. Also the online shop, is there any piece of Celtic Tenor merch that you would love to buy? like a jumper, scarve etc...

Not saying any of your suggestions will be acted upon, but we always value your opinion on these things so please feel free to holler a few ideas.

Best wishes and love to you all,

Daryl x