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2008-09-02 a message from James (with link to another interview)

Quality time in my little cottage continues...

The boughs on my apple tress are heavy laden with fruit, the sun is shining (today), I have a full cafetiere of coffee by my side and a healthy salad lunch in the fridge, and this afternoon I am walking in the mountains with some good friends and their hyper-active dog....simple is great to have some time off sometimes. Of course soon I will be itching to get back on tour, and to sing again, but time off is very important too.

I am glad some of you got to hear us on RTE. That is one of the most popular radio shows actually. Sadly, like most radio studios, the acoustic is difficult to sing know the sort of place that when you are singing the Top Cs at the end of "Holy City" and if you stretch above your head you can touch the ceiling...even me! I still haven't heard it actually, might listen in a while...

Do you all know that Ireland is the only country (in the world I believe?) that still has the bells of "The Angelus"? It is an old Catholic tradition here that the bells of "The Angelus" are struck at midday and 6pm, on radio and TV. Maybe some good Irish Catholic can tell you the "Angelus Prayer". (Daryl probably won't know it too well). It starts with "The Angel of the Lord declared unto the Virgin Mary...etc"

Some people a few years ago suggested Ireland abolish it, but a lot of people kicked up a fuss. They have made it a little more all-inclusive and when it is on TV they have pretty photos and pictures and include a lot of our new ethnic minorities (it used to be just one holy picture). I actually like it, as it means that if you hear it twice a day, or even once, it makes you focus spiritually...If I am driving along and I hear "The Angelus"...I speak to my Mum... (No, I'm not cracking up, its ok).

Love to each and every one of you,

RTE Interview

Thanks for the link and the following information, Robin!

"If you scroll down a little and look to the right side of the page, there's a box that says "Shows from the past week."  They were on Thursday.  Also, the whole show is 2 hours long.  I didn't listen to the whole thing, but the guys seem to have come on at about the 48 minute mark and again at about the 1:54 to end the show.  Wonderful presentations of "The Holy City," "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere," and "Shenandoah."