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2008-08-29 a message from James

A rare sunny day in Wicklow today. Garden looking well. And I have hoovered (you probably say vacuumed?) my house, so all is well. It is amazing how things like this can make you feel great, having been away a long time on tour.

Thanks for all the reviews... Surprised you didn't mention Colm's dancing at the "Scattering". I was asleep in bed when all that was happening, but I hear Mr Henry was quite the dancer. Lovely review Pat.

I am so surprised people have not commented more about Matthew's flute playing???? Did I post that on April 1st perhaps?

Mary mentioned it, but in a way that she thought perhaps that Matthew WAS playing? Loved your comments Mary. And when Daryl says the word "CLAP" in his Tyrone accent and then says it in quick succession 5 DOES sound like a sealion! Sorry to make you laugh in an embarrassing fashion.

Must actually listen to the Milwaukee radio myself...was kind of avoiding it as it was SO early in the morning, and the Tenors DID have a few little nightcaps the night before! (That is a rare occurrence). We also did a Radio yesterday (28th August) on RTE 1 Radio, and I must see if that is online... We sang 3 songs live (EARLY again) and a little interview! I would say and then Pat Kenny Radio show (which may be called "Today"). We were on around 10.45 and again at 11.50 I think! The interviewer was Miles Dungan, a lovely guy, we ahve known from before. The golf reference is because Matthew and Miles have played golf together. I believe Matthew is...well...ask him yourself!

Love to each and every one of you.