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2008-08-21 message from James with link to radio interview

We are home. I am trying desperately to keep my eyes open and stay up as late as I can to make the new time-zone normal (This normally works for me). Think I will soon need matchsticks.

I watched the full show of Daryl's choir on the Sunday and their enthusiasm and infectiousness is postively inspiring. Soem great solo voices within as well. Loved it.

Great to see so many of you over the last few weeks...especially at Milwaukee, and thanks for the reviews. Robin, it is always a joy to see you, Nan, Aunt Dorothy, and your family and people from the Church. I said it all at the show, but just in case...THANK YOU! Beautifully crafted reveiw also Robin, thanks.

We had a ball at Milwaukee! We love it there SO MUCH, and hopefully we will be back again next year.

We were interviewed for Milwaukee Public Radio and you can listen to the interview online at

click here

We are SO excited about our new management and North American agency...we really feel it'll make a big difference!

I am sure I have many more things to report to you all, but I am fading fast...sorry!

Talk soon again...I will probably think of things immediately.

Love to each and every one of you!