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2008-08-15 a message from James

Tonight we return to Milwaukee. We had such a ball here last year, even despite the canellation due to severe weather conditions...

Hopefully we will not need to slide across the stage in water in our Tshirts again this year to get attention! We are on tonight at 9pm. It will be great to see so many familiar faces too...

I am the World's Number 1 ABBA fan... and you think I'd have left it this long to see the movie? Hardly. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! All of it. Meryl Streep's singing voice was a revelation....truly wonderful,and of course her acting skills breathed new life into the ABBA lyrics..."The Winner takes it all" was WOW! The rest of the cast was great too. People were cruel in the press to Pierce Brosnan but I thought he was fine....he is an actor and its cruel for people to judge his singing in the way they did. He was good. And I have been a lifetime fan of Julie Walters (she is my joint-favourite actress), anything she does...she was hysterical..."Take a chance on me". Christine Baranski in "Does your Mother know?"...Fabulous. And the rest. I will go again when I get home if its still on. And then I will buy the DVD for my collection.
LOVED it!!

On a point of information, I have got Paul Arbuckle to update my own personal website, though there is still more to add. It is mainly the Kenya page he has updated.

The shows so far have gone great. Wolfeboro was a little rainy and semi-open-air but it held off for the show which was great. La Crosse Irish Festival is growing every year and the atmosphere was wonderful...we had fun. Lakeside Ohio, last night, is called the Chatauqua of Lake Erie and is very similar...very peaceful and inspirational place. And lovely warm crowd too. Our new songs seem to be getting a good reaction.

And...soon you will will be on the website... we have new management! Our new manager is Tim Bernett (Deep Blue Arts) and he is based in LA. Tim is with us at the moment, and saw the show last night. He will see our Friday show in Milwaukee and leaves early tomorrow morning for LA.

We have decided to make a full new start in North America and so, have decided to cease our dealings with Richard Mills and hard feelings there...but just need new and fresh impetus. Our new (bigger) agency is Monterey International and our agent within the company is Brian Swanson. We will continue to work with Peter Boone and Pat Egan for Europe and Ireland. there ya go....thats our news, and we are very excited about it...more excited than we have been for some time!

Love to each and every one of you.