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2008-08-04 a message from James

Just had a few quality days at home in Sligo, where, as you'll by now see from the website, we were recording a few songs with Dervish for a series of PBS Radio shows they have been asked to produce and host.

Dervish are mainly Sligo-based...lots of talent from Sligo...most of Westlife, Teada, Dervish, Tommy Fleming, Yeats, and of course one third of the Celtic Tenors. So they have recorded the shows in a Sligo studio, so a good excuse to go home. While I was there I also got to sing in Ballina Cathedral with the lovely Miss Malone... (they seem to like my high notes there...). That seemed to go down well, and Dad was able to come across to the Mass and the generous dinner which accompanied it. Anyway, I have added two pics to the official website from the Dervish recordings.

Glenda, thanks for the mention of a book of my columns. It has been discussed several times, possibly accompanied by photos of Sligo, or perhaps by illustrations by a local artist...there is a very good one I have in mind. I even got to choosing my top 20 or 30 columns. Perhaps you can write to the Editor of the Weekender and give your suggestion about doing a book? I am still, of course, on my break from writing. Missing it of course, but have a lot to fill my time, with Kenya etc.

Thanks to Rianne, Beate and John for great reviews...such detail and never ceases to amaze me. I think I will start to do a few mad things onstage just to get noted in a review!

I want to prepare you, but as we will probably have no guest in December, for the North American tour anyway, it is unlikely we will do "10,000 Wotsits"...sorry! Unless you are happy to hear me do it, without the soprano...

Thinking of you all, and love to each and every one of you!