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2008-07-16 a message from James

My magpie is still wandering around the garden on a daily basis...

I think I am his hero now...aaagh, I don't need a pet magpie. He keeps looking at me! I need him to fly south for Winter now. I have seen him fly, so I just need to convince him that I can't keep a pet at the moment.

I was a little disturbed to hear of storm and rain in Munich?? Remember last time...not fun when that tornado hit!! Looking forward to seeing you all in a few days, but I hope it will be in sunshine...It is nice here in Ireland these days.

I am so sorry, but I doubt we will have our new CD ready in September...Yes, the CD is completely recorded, etc, but of course there are delays in other ways, so it will definitely not be ready for purchase in September - yes, I know I said we thought it would be a Septemeber release date, but that is looking unlikely now, but we will let you know when we know...

Lots of things happening on many levels for us at present. How about "The Celtic Tenors - Squooshable", as an album title?

Anyway, must go, I have a leaking underground pipe in my back garden which is being fixed as we speak.

My magpie had his own private pool for the last week or so...

Love to each and every one of you,