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2008-07-10 a message from Daryl

Dear All ! Many thanks for all the wonderful messges and wishes I received for my birthday!! You are all very kind in your thoughts.

We have been busy and even made a quick passing through of Germany at
the weekend on our way to Skagen!! Always good to practice my no
defunct German Speech skills. (The security people thought i was
Danish!!!) We are all pleased to see James safely returned form his
African work and happyily showed us many of his pictures which im sure
he will share soon enough.

We are all looking forward to going back to Munich now very soon, the
sight of my very first concert. Seems like only yesterday, but alas 2
years have passed. Im sure it will be a momentous occasion, although I
hope not as dramatic as the last one!!!

Anyway, best wishes to you all,

Thanks again and all my love,