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2008-06-22 a message from James

This WILL be brief, honest!

I suppose we were out of the country from January til June and we just assumed everyone knew about Baby Gilsenan # 3... but clearly not. Ooops.

Well, I have taken my first Malaria tablet. My washing is done, and I am almost packed. All the kids clothes that people have given me are bundled into a big sports bag. Wrapped presents for five sponsorchildren are in my suitcase.
Tonight........ I am going to see Dolly Parton live in Kilkenny, with Colm in fact. Never seen her live, but hear its something else. Weather has been lovely in Ireland til just a few days ago. Windy today and a little wet at times...please say a prayer it clears up before eveing... your prayers for the Kenyan sheet music worked!

I return to Kenya tomorrow (up at 3am!...ugh!), knowing that so many of the children now have sponsor parents - wonderful - and to see the new bus, and to do concerts, and to do music with the children, to take them to Lake Nakuru Reserve this time (with largest flamingo population in Africe I believe), and to continue building, and this time next week all the workers (including Maeve!) will be at a church service, not in the Orphanage this time, but in the heart of the Kibera Slum! All quite something...

Thanks for all your kind messages of support. Talk to you in a few weeks.

Love to each and every one of you,

PS. I enclose another pic from the other day...yes, its silly, John McCormack Junior is hiding!!
(see Gallery pics by James part II)