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2008-06-18 A message from Daryl

I am sorry about the mystery surrounding the recording and I have seen very interesting comments by you all about the contents. All I can say is that it will be a surprise, and a little bit different to what you are used to from the CTs.


It was great fun making the record and we truly got to do learn some amazing things. Without a doubt everyone was very happy and very proud of the work which we have created and hope that it will be daily listening for you all when it comes out.


On a personal note, my apologies for not being in touch sooner, but work for us doesn't stop when we come of the road. In fact if anything we become more busy with catching up on paperwork, and making plans for the future. I am more and more convinced that touring is the easy bit!!! Just kidding!! There are many exciting plans afoot so again, patience please, all good things.......


Anyway, we all wish James a safe trip to Kenya and hope that his trip is a huge success.


Bye for now,

hope you are all well,

Daryl x