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2008-06-16 a message from James

A week til Kenya....

Gosh it is wonderful to have time at home in Wicklow, and see my rambling cottage garden in the Summer sun...


I still feel so horrible not to be able to give you all a full tracklist, and I have the CD sitting here beside me...with the tracks, not in the right order, but all the ones that are gonna make it on...more of that later.


We tried "Feels like home" (Randy Newman) and we loved it too, so it may make it into a set, but not onto an album at this stage. After all, it would be a bit much to have two songs by the same composer on the album, eh? Someone noticed how I put on our website "Stephen Foster to Bob Dylan...", but did he notice that originally that read "Stephen Foster to Leonard Cohen"...? Hmmm, just an observation.


Of course, any album of American songs would have to have a song which had been suggested by the Celtic Tenors' first ever American fan... ?


Ok, now I feel like a big nasty tease... my evil teasing side!


Finally, thank you ALL for your lovely messages of support for my Kenyan trip. It means a lot. Also thank to many of you who have financially supported it know who you are! I leave next Monday at 6 in the morning. We have a concert on Saturday 28th, and a smaller more informal concert at the Nairobi Hilton Hotel on Tuesday 24th, but the music has not arrived yet, and was sent by registered post a month ago... Kenya eh? Prayers for the music to arrive would be appreciated! I sent it AGAIN by ordinary post a week ago... Aaagh... Some more good news which keeps many of the children have been taken on by sponsor parents since last year's trip. It is so wonderful. I have a feeling that almost half of the resident children at Cheryl's now have sponsor parents! Happy about that... Anyway, maybe talk again before I leave, but more likely not...


Thank you ALL for your continued support.


Love to each and every one of you, James.