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2008-06-02 a message from James

Well, sometimes after a very long flight and confusion of time-zones I wake really early, so I have been up since 5 this morning...good chance to catch up on stuff.


I will nonetheless keep this brief, or at least somewhere between brief and not brief.

Well, we had a wonderfully exciting time in Hollywood!

Not many bands/groups could live together and survive unscathed for 2 full weeks. We were literally in the studio every day, often til 2 in the morning, once til 4! But we got it all done, and more, in the time. We recorded too much, so we have a choice, but it looks like it will be an 11-track album. They are all American songs, by American writers, I CAN say that. I may post a photo on the Gallery in the next day or so to give one hint at least. I feel so horrible being so vague and cryptic... but it'll get you thinking. Two of the songs we have performed live. We have recorded another which we have performed live but it might not make it to the final list. Oh Gosh I feel so horrible! I will stop now.......

Have booked myself on another city break for the end of July, another European city which I have never been to, and have wanted to see. As soon as we return from Munich I will take 4 days there...looking forward to that.

But of course, Kenya is before that! I phoned Samuel in the Orphanage yesterday and all the kids are doing great. And the bus is doing great too! Only 3 weeks and I will be there.

Going to enjoy quality time this week I hope, lunch and coffee dates with friends, a little trip home to Sligo too.

See it wasn't that brief!!

Love to each and every one of you,