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2008-05-26 a message from James

Hello to everyone in the extended CT Family!
Greetings to you, one and all.

This will be brief, as we are in studio, all day every day, and up early again in the morning... But I had to drop by and say hi, and send you all my love, and just keep in touch.

We are alone here in Donna, or Colm this time.
Which of course hints at our album a little? Last time we were told that we had too many guests. So this time.......I believe there will be just 3 voices. No guests. However, at times, you will not believe what some of these 3 voices do!! (Ok, I've said enough).

Can't say much about the album... just us as I say. North American songs mostly...
SOME people may have heard us do a couple of the songs before, MANY of you will have heard another one! So a few will be familiar to some of you. The others are all new to the Celtic Tenors...and we love them. It will be  a VERY different album everyone, ok? But... I think you'll love it. We certainly LOVE the 9 tracks we have put down so far!
Watch this space! Its been huge fun going into our Hollywood Studio every morning and just spending the day making music. And as for the "Big Brother House"...thats been unique also!

Think I need to sleep everyone.
Talk again soon I hope...
Love to each and every one of you,