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2008-05-19 a message from James

We are in VERY sunny LA now, and about to go off to the studio. Hopefully soon we can be less mysterious about it all...

We are staying in a house together is a bit like a 2 week episode of "Big Brother" really. "Day 2 in the Celtic Tenor House...and James has drunk all the Pink Grapefruit Juice...Daryl has continually left the toilet seat up for 2 days now...and Matthew is singing in his sleep..."

Thanks fo all the reviews. Beate...amazing, and thanks for your help. Does everyone know that I am a past-pupil of Wesley College and a past staff-member? It was strange going back, but good too. The piece Beate mentioned from the "Jerusalem Passion" is the last number in that work, and actually I did a live recording of "Jerusalem Passion" about 10 years ago when I was very young indeed! I have copy of it myself, and I think Wesley have them too...

Tom, thanks for noticing that we did Toledo on an hour's sleep, perhaps an hour and a half! It is amazing what you can do under pressure...but wish we didn't have to at times under SUCH pressure!

Must go now, and leave our little house in the Hollywood Hills for the studio, also in the Hollywood Hills!

Talk soon,