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2008-04-21 a message from Colm

An email to say hello is pretty overdue at this stage. I really enjoy reading all the news and seeing reviews etc.

It's a new experience to be involved in something that has such a close community of supporters, some I've met in person (Rianne, Anja, Beate, John), and others so far just in cyberland! It was a bit of a baptism of fire for me when I came out for the Dutch tour in February. And as soon as I had settled in I felt like I was leaving again, for the Sephira tour with Clannad in the UK (in March).

Though I never got to meet Stephanie, I heard nothing but great things about her on my return. After Saint Patrick's Day with the Tenors, I spent time in New York, where I was joined by my family for a few days. The time has flown by since then,
It's hard to believe we're in the last stretch of the tour over here now. I take it the grand canyon postcards (with my gold star standard writing!) arrived safely, what an incredible day. New Mexico was really unique too.

We're in Everett at the moment, 20 miles from Seattle, in Washington. I'm really enjoying the concerts - last night was our third night to do a new addition to the set, the Stephen Foster song 'Hard Times'...hmm an american song, wonder will it make it onto a forthcoming american album... Rumour has it there'll be another new addition added in for the Canadian concerts!

Anyway, I better sign off for now. I look forward to eventually getting to meet you all!

Thanks again,