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2008-04-12 message from James

About to leave for the theatre / theater and thought I'd send a little message.

Firstly, SO happy the lying is over, even if its just a little white lie...
I'm just not very good at I was typing I was coloured bright red! Anyway, it was a GREAT prank, well done! Not sure if anyone rose to the bait... one or two seemed a little wary...we will never know I suppose...

Glad you liked the photos I sent. I am sending another one now... We have been to some amazing places, truly, and it is such a privilege to see these places, and I just wanted to share some with you, as you are all supportive of what we do! Glad you enjoyed them.

Must go now, and have our usual soundcheck. By the time we get to Canada we hope to have a Canadian song rehearsed and in the set...some of you know what it is I think? We asked audiences for a Canadian version of "Shenandoah" or "Danny Boy" and this song came out tops by quite a bit...

Talk more soon. Love to each and every one of you from sunny and VERY beautiful and unique Oregon!