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2008-04-01 Important Message from James

Greetings from sunny Arizona!
I will keep this brief, but felt it important to share some news with you, before your hear it from another source...


With the arrival of yet more "Celtic" groups, the Celtic Tenors have decided to change course a little. At the outset of our careers, we were faced with "The Irish Tenors" and "The Three Irish Tenors" and several other groups, not to mention "The American Tenors", "The Ten Tenors", "The German Tenors", "The Geriatric Tenors" (!!) and others.


As our career moved along steadily, then came "Celtic Woman" and a whole other load of Celtic-themed shows! In 2008, "Celtic Thunder" has arrived on the scene, swiftly followed by the "High Kings"!


So...even though we know that what we do is completely different, we have decided to change our name - we have thought this for a few years now. As
we are doing many Irish festivals, and we are Irish, and an increasing amount of our repertoire is Irish, we have decided to state our Irishness in a more obvious way, and leave out the word "Celtic" and the word "Tenors".

It has been suggested to us that we call ourselves "The Blarney Stones".

We feel it represents us better, and there can be no doubt with this name that we are what we are.

Anyway, best you hear it from one of us first!

Talk soon,
All the best to you all, James.


We hope you enjoyed James' little April Fool's Day Message ;-)