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2005-03-30 a message from James

It seems like ages since I have even sent a message...? After a refreshing week off, and lovely pampering (we all need it, I am a great believer in it!), we are setting off on tour again.


Yet again, some states are SO pleasantly surprising. The 5th largest state in the US has to be one of the most spectacular!


We arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then travelled via road to Silver City through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery we have ever witnessed... at times our little tourbus was at 8000ft elevation, once I think it briefly hit 9000! Then our very enthusiastic and friendly audience in Silver City made us feel SO welcome. Silver City is located at about 6000ft I think, which is high, about twice the height of Ireland's highest mountain! Something some of you may not realise, but when singing at that altitude breathing is more difficult (I kid you not) ..."Shenandoah" has to be taken faster!


Today we drove from there to Payson...again...WOW! Arizona amazing! And on Tuesday we are getting to fulfill a lifetime ambition, of mine anyway, and visit the Grand Canyon! Wow, wow, WOW! So New Mexico and Arizona are now up there with Utah and a few others... This vast continent continually reveals
surprises. Wonderful.


Lots happening in Celtic Tenor land at the moment... In a few months we ought to have some more news for everyone, but I have to be a little secret at the moment...sorry! And actually over the next few days I may be in touch again...sorry to be a little guarded about the info, but all will soon become clearer.


Speak to you all during the week perhaps again. In the meantime, thank you all again, and love to each and every single one of you!