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2008-03-25 a message from James

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Mine definitely was quiet.

I remained in the US and had amazing quality time in one of my favourite cities in the USA. Went to "Othello" the play, not the opera, "Eugene Onegin" at the Opera (one of my Top 3 operas, and with a role I used to love playing, Lensky), "Wicked" the Musical (spectacular), and a few films also, oh, and a Ghost Tour! Almost a week of much-needed pampering... VERY happy now and ready to go again.
Thank you ALL for your lovely Paddy's Day messages, and also Easter messages.

I will speak at greater length to you all, when I have more news, like the concert in Nairobi in June (not the tenors, just me).

Love and a hug/squoosh to each and every one of you lovely people!