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2008-03-07 a message from James

It has been a while, sorry. We have been travelling by bus and air, and gigging more or less solidly since the start of the Dutch tour, and today in Parkersburg we are in a beautiful hotel with a little free time before the soundcheck and show, so I thought I'd say Hi.

Also the weather is a little "Irish" outside (a soft day) and so I am happy to remain in my luxurious room. We don't always have such lovely rooms, so we enjoy them while we can!

Thanks to so many of you for your reviews. Some were incredibly detailed and peceptive, some were first-time reviews and equally lovely to have read, and some included travelogs which were lovely to read also. We also received some BEAUTIFUL messages via the fansite... great to get.

Colm is getting up-to-date on the repertoire, and also, you may have noticed that, at the moment, we have no solos for the tenors in the set. That may change, but there are only so many songs we can do in an evening. And technically, we are supposed to do two halves, each of 45 minutes in length.

It is interesting to read how much you all like "The Holy City"... it is a song all three of us have been singing in our own solo gigs right from the start, and is second nature to us, but it is a very uplifting piece! Fun to sing too... Please don't be worried about me going red in the least it means I am putting my all into it, and am not lip-synching, as seems to be so popular these days... (Sorry, its a thing which really annoys me, and so many seem not to know its happening).
Well, I have to go now...hope you all liked the pictures I sent. I will try to send more.

Tomorrow is Stephanie's last show with is quite a task taking on a full Celtic Tenors show at such short notice, and Stephanie has done an INCREDIBLE job, truly. It was great to have met and worked with her, and I am sure her future as a very valuable operatic coach and repetiteur is guaranteed!

Talk soon.
Love to each and every one of you!