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2008-02-04 a message from James

This is without a doubt one of my favourite tours we do... I love Amsterdam and love being able to be based in one hotel for almost a means you can have a life and a daily routine. And the people are lovely, the theatres are of a high quality, and the reactions seem to be very enthusiastic also. Great. We winden het erg leuk om in Amsterdam te zijn. Dank ja wel.

And Anja and Beate, well done again for the Besucher Award. I am sure you all may have seen the piece I added to our News Section...last night I added a picture to the article and one to our Gallery. Well done Ladies!
Also, well done to Barb and Heather and all involved in the Yahoo group.
You are all amazing, and though at times we take you a little for granted, we DO appreciate all you do. Thank you all!

This email seems to be becoming a big "Thank You", but I simply have to draw attention to a certain Dutch lady who is doing incredible work for The Celtics at the moment! Rianne, thank you!! Every night, Rianne quietly arrives at the theatre, sets up the merch table, and sells and sells our products. And it is not an easy job, as we have no new product (YET)and a lot of people have our CDs and DVD. She also draws attention to my Kenyan folder and there is a little money coming in every night for the orphans which is great. AND Mrs van Elswijk makes the BEST Apple Pie you have ever tasted... I have heard that anyway...of course I did not have any as I am so healthy and fit (my fingers are crossed as I type). It was for Matthew's birthday but we all had a slice. Some had two slices (not me! Fingers are no longer crossed as that is true). Matthew had an amazing birthday...people were so good...for example Marjoeska and family who decorated his dressing room. Great. Thank you on Matthew's beahlf.

On the morning of the 2nd we were on "Cappuccino" radio show (been on it before), and with Colm and Robbie we sang one of our new songs - "The Mad Lady and Me" - which is another Jimmy Mc Carthy song, about a mad and homeless baglady who dives into the River Lee in Cork and swims, not very far, before she is dragged out, alive! True story. I love the song. One of us always has to speak on the radio and I was the one chosen. I spoke a little Dutch, not much! He was very interested in the religiona nd politics of the group. That has become a real talking point since Daryl's arrival...something which we never thought about before. Interesting! It was a fun interview, maybe you can hear it sometime, and the song.......

Been avoiding talking about the "Celticphotogate"! But have to... aaaghh, this tenor hates confrontation. Firstly I ahve to admit I am partly to blame last week, and for that I apologise! When we heard that Colm's deputy was not gonna show, and we were going to play piano...I said to our Dutch Moderator..."Oh my simply have to get pictures of me playing the piano!" I have never played piano for the CTs and will hopefully not have to do it again, and so I selfishly wanted a record of it. So don't blame Rianne please. And with regard other pics that were taken, yes I did ask a good while back for pictures not to be taken during the performances, and we must stand by that. A few awful pictures have showed up in several places (not the ones from this tour) and worse still, a few videos have appeared on You-Tube, an awful "Remember Me", and while we are not naive in thinking we can stop this, we must try to exercise some control about what is taken. We often have announcements asking for no photos and videos during the shows, and perhaps we ought to have that again... So this is me (hating being a horrible guy!!) asking people not to take pics or videos during the shows, but after is fine! And anyone who has done so on this tour, please take it easy, chill, and we still love you!!!
Gosh, this has been a LONG email!

Better go, we have so few days off on this tour...I am now gonna turn off my computer and my phone (Love doing that), and gonna see some sights.
THANK YOU ALL! For everything.
Love and hugs to each and every one of you.
Dank ja wel, en tod ziens,