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2008-01-28 a message from James

Well, I think we earned our day off today! Phew. At least the auto-biography will be interesting, if there ever is one.......

You have already heard all about our calamities, but what a few days we have had. Firstly, I know many of you have been inquiring as to Danny's whereabouts etc. Basically he is unwell at the moment, and has decided to take some time off from touring. We are not sure for how long this will be, and as it was a sort of sudden decision, we had a few days of panic, but all is calm once again. Of course, like you all, we wish Danny a speedy recovery, and I am sure you will all respect his privacy as he recuperates.
It was suggested to us that we use Colm Henry, an incredibly gifted 26 year-old pianist who has already had vast experience. We are incredibly privileged to have Colm on board. He did his BMus at UCD, like me, although I was a little before him!!! Colm is a lovely gentle, unassuming and INCREDIBLY musical guy, and has already breathed new musical life into the Celtic Tenors. I hope you all get a chance to hear him soon. It is a true blessing that he has arrived and stepped in for Danny at such short notice.
Of course, there are SOME dates he cannot do, due to previous commitments, but it looks like he will be with us for a while, who knows how long...
Welcome Colm!

Welcome Robbie also, who did Trojan work last night, when Colm's deputy didn't turn up!!?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......! See what I mean by 'semanus horribilis'...I am hoping that means what I hope it means!
We were badly let down yesterday at 2pm on the way to the theatre, in the town which doesn't mean 'breasts'. But we used a few backing tracks, not too many actually, and we had two a capellas in fact Rianne..."In the gloaming" and "An poc ar buile". Robbie played all the fast Irish ones and ballad-style ones on guitar, and as you have already heard Daryl and I shared 4 numbers. It was strange playing and singing my new version of "Pie Jesu" and "Ave Maria"...felt a little like Elton John without the hat and specs! I panicked a few times, but actually it went ok I think! It certainly was a first, and hopefully a last!
Anyway, as of tomorrow, all is back to normal...Colm is back...we hope...aaagghh!
Love and every good wish and blessing to each and every one of you, James.


Forgot to of course mention that Anja and Beate and the fansite are almost there...we hope...but don't give up now people...keep on voting!
Sincere thanks to ALL those who voted to keep us in First place from the outset. It is amazing, but can you imagine with just 3 days to go if we were pipped at the post. Don't let it happen please...well done so far...keep it up.
Keep voting...just 3 days to go!