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2008-01-21 a message from James

Well, only 10 days left and our hard-working Deutscherins will hopefully be rewarded for all their hard work. Yes, the Fan site is in a good position, but positions keep changing all the time, and there could be a last minute spurt by someone else, so keep on voting.

THANK YOU all for voting so much so far... I cannot speak for my colleagues but I am certainly voting very is good that I am at home these days to do so! Thanks again to all who have voted, and to those who haven' know what to do!

My fund-raiser in the Hawks Well in Sligo on Friday went REALLY well. The acoustic worked well I think. The slide-show this time was done by Basil Love himself, and included some very un-flattering pictures of me building, hammering, sawing wood etc... not pretty, in fact I never knew I had quite so many chins... about 19 I think. But it was all about raising money for Cheryls, and that we did, quite a substantial amount, though of course we can never have enough... At the end of the slide-show, we played the little interview I recorded with Joseph in November, which was incredibly moving as the poor little fellow got nervous and a little upset and tongue-tied, but did SO well. I have been in touch with the orphanage, and despite trouble in Nairobi, the kids and everyone else there are all fine.

I am still feeling the benefits of my little break in Venice...holidays and time off are so important! Beautiful. The highlights for me still were Burano and Torcello islands, which were a short ferry-ride away, and then of course St Marks Basilica and the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale) and of course much more! Wonderful. Ci vediamo e grazie Venezia...

Love to each and every one of you,

PS. Keep voting...please!