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2008-01-15 a message from James

Well, I'm back, and all lovely and refreshed and ready for 2008.


Speaking of birthdays, did I let you know that Danny's birthday is definitely August 5th! And I think you know Donna's is May 15th (I think) and it is a biggie this year for Donna!


I phoned the orphanage several times, as has Basil, and the children are all fine. I asked Samuel to tell Kevin that he spoke on video in a church in Dublin last week, and I believe he smiled a big broad smile. It is Joseph's turn for his little speech this Friday in Sligo.


Sponsoring a child is a big commitment, not so much financially, but to the child...regular contact and they really do see you as a parent, as they are orphans! So just sit tight, and wait a wee while... Thank you for the heartfelt thought however, and we shall see you soon. I don't want to be seen to be making people sponsor is a big decision...


Well, Venice was wonderful. Such a unique city. Stunning. And off-season is to be recommended queues. I did SO much, saw so much. I hope there will be a column on it maybe in a while. One of the highlights was my trip to Burano and Torcello islands. Enlightening. Also I slept so well, and relaxed, and chilled....the perfect little city-break. Another one beckons in the summer I think...perhaps less obvious.


Finally, KEEP VOTING everyone! Anja and Beate deserve to win this award. The lead has narrowed slightly and there are only 2 weeks to go. You have been doing well voting obviously, but don't slacken off now when the prize is almost there!

Love and a squoosh to each and every one of you... to every one fo you who has a birthday this month, but of course to our Special Winnipeg Rose on January 23rd!!