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2008-01-15 a message from Daryl

My humblest apologies for not being in touch sooner. I had an e-mail ready for sending in my draft box for weeks and forgot to send it. Shame on me!!!


Anyway, first of all Happy New Year!!

Thank you all ever so much for your kindness with cards and presents at Christmas, it really was a blessing.


As some of you know our time off in the group is frugal enough and so my home time was totally swamped with family and friends. I also have been very busy with my choir. The CT's joined me in celebrating 10 years of the Omagh Community Youth Choir at a special Gala dinner last week. What an experience that was. It was probably the biggest event that the choir has undertaken in our 10 years and it wasnt without drama right up to the opening. It was quite a poignant evening for me though as I realised what we have done. To have the CT's performing was also very special for me and it seemed to tie in my past with my future. I again thank Matthew, James and Danny for taking the time to be with us.


Anyway, the future looks busy for us and I hope that we can continue to grow and develop new songs and rep for the show. I hope to see all of you at some stage on our travels over the coming months. I send you all my best wishes and hope that January ends very soon!!!!!!!haha!


many thanks,