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2008-01-06 a message from James

Well my batteries have almost been re-charged, and I am hoping that after 4 days in a beautiful European city, they will be fully re-charged and I will be ready and rearing to go in this brand New Year of 2008!


Thank you ALL for your kind cards & wishes (and many presents), wishing me and my colleagues all the best for the New Year. I am not surprised the Fansite has been nominated...I am sure people who are online can feel the warmth and love oozing out from and of course from the Yahoo site! Well done Anja and Beate for all you have done to make the site so successful. I added a little link on our main website so people can vote also. (Is it ok for the tenors themselves to vote? Hope so!).

Of course lets not also forget Barb and Heather and all they do on Yahoo for us also. Thanks Heather for your amazing weekly summaries, and also for a recent email regarding our website as opposed to others...know what I mean? And Barb, you know how amazing we all think YOU are! In fact on this 6th day of 2008 let me publicly say how wonderful you ALL are (Anja, Beate, Barb, Heather, Rianne and so many more!!), and thank you. I am standing as I type this, giving you a standing ovation, one and all. THANK YOU!

Anyway, thats enough about you... I am typing a lot of words, and none of them is "James"! Back to me again.......
I had a lovely fairly quiet Christmas on my sister's farm with her and her family, and my Dad. Just lots of walking, eating, resting, socialising, and eating again.
For New Year (I am not a fan at all, like Rianne, I don't see the point...surely every day you should be bettering yourself, and not just one day in the Year...oops I will get down from my soapbox now)... I had dinner with some of my walking friends in the Wicklow Mountains. Open log fire, dinner, Champagne, music, and a dog on my lap! Can it get better? (You don't have to answer that last question).

With regards languages, my degree is in Music and French (with a BA in French) so I was once fluent, but it has kind of totalement disparu! But everytime I visit France, it does come back. Daryl speaks much better German than I do, but yes I have a little, thanks to an ex-girlfriend, in the 1990s who was from Mannheim and lived in Luzern. But personally I have sung in Irish, English, French, Italian, German, Latin, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, and tiny bits in Portugese, Afrikaans, Welsh and a few others also. WIth regard going onstage, you sort of answered it yourself. We always get a little nervous I think, just a little, I think it is bad if there are no nerves. It is sort of like a (good) drug. It is making a living from a hobby essentially, while hopefully giving enjoyment to others. Of course it is a little bit of a 'false' existence in a way, as you are working on a stage, and perhaps it is a little away from reality...thats why its good to meet you all and see your realities etc, and also for me, to go to Kenya, to do something completely different, and hopefully help others in a completely different way. For some of the big dates we do, it is a real buzz, like in the Concertgebouw in August, with my Dad in the audience, or the Cincinnati Pops or the West Virginia Orchestra, with such a wonderful orchestra behind us. Singing with orchestra gives an added HUGE buzz. Festivals, like Milwaukee, for a classical singer, are a huge buzz! Erin, I can't sit around here all day chatting... I have a concert to do tonight...aaagh.... Anyway, maybe thats some help.

Thanks to many of you for asking about Kenya. I have been in regular touch with Samuel and Cheryl's and they are safe. But to the kind German lady who sent a huge parcel of educational materials to the orphanage, Samuel said he has notice there is a parcel in the Post Office for him, which sound like it, but I will let you know! It is not recommended sending parcels as often they don't get there, but luckily this one seems to have done so, so thank you on behalf of the orphans. Anyway, speaking on behalf of said children, I have to go now and do a concert in Dalkey with an Intoxicating soprano. I actually thought there might be more messages of support for Maeve doing the brave thing she is doing, especially with all thats going on in Kenya at the moment...hopefully she will raise her money tonight and get at least the minimum. I am sure she will let you know.

Have to go...and get ready...and put the salmon under the grill...oh and vote for a webiste also...

Love and squooshes to each and every one of you,