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2007-12-02 a message from James

Hi Everyone!
Well, I am still alive.

A Christmas album has been mentioned again recently. But an album with Daryl is the high priority at the moment. But I would say a Christmas one will appear within the next year perhaps!


Well, Kenya was even better the second time!! I began work on their website when I was there and I hope it will begin to change in a few weeks time... It was too tame and didn't tell the full story of where those special kids have been rescued from. I will let you know when the new site is up and running.
I visited Kibera again, and it was as bad as I remember. Also got to go into several homes and talk to families.

At the end of the week, I filmed a few interviews with several of Cheryl's kids, who told their stories, all of them so moving. One stood out, a boy called James, who is on a scholarship to secondary school, and is going to study Engineering at University next year!! There are many success stories like that at the Orphanage. James told me how, at the age of 9, he had watched his father kill his mother! His father went to prison for life, but is out now, and no-one knows where he is.

I visited one of the other care centres that Basil has built and worked on, called St Pauls. We will be returning there in June to do more. That is where I met little "Hope" who had been found in a paper bag at two days old. She is fine.
I suppose we simply cannot understand the desperation in people's lives in Kenya at times. That mother can only have been desperate!

In the afternoons and evenings I did singing and music classes with all of the children... first the little ones, an dthen the older ones. I taight the older ones "So Strong" as it has a real relevance there. They loved it and memorised it quickly. They will sing it in the fundraising concert in Nairobi next June! I also taught the little ones two songs, one called "The Gospel Train is coming" and the other was "Happy Talk" from "South Pacific" and they also memorised their two songs! They have a a very basic Casio keyboard which they had never heard played so that was fun...

I took 48 of the kids to Lake Naivasha Nature Reserve in the Kenyan Rift Valley. The scenery was amazing. I have sent some photos and I know you have seen some of them. But even to see the kids faces when they got on the bus was memorable!! We had a wonderful day. The big bus broke down three times, one puncture, and twice over-heating, so we didn't get back til dark, but that is Africa seemingly!!

The little supermarket in Naivasha was thrilled when this white guy with seriously red trimmings came in and bought 52 boxes of Del Monte juice, 52 packets of crisps, and 52 muffins, for the kids lunch. (Four staff members including me came along too).

Then I took a smaller group to the Giraffe Centre where you can hand-feed the giraffes. Several kids got their faces painted too, including Joseph! Photo is in the gallery by now!

Oh I could go on and on, and bore you all for hours, but I have to go... I am hooked on the African experience and I know I will return many times.

Thank you ALL for your loving support, both spiritual and financial.

Love to each and every one of you,