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2007-11-18 a message from James

Just a really quick reply as we are jusy all over these days... Sorry I have been a little quiet...

Excuse the hurried nature of this email...

Tour has gone well... Texas has been FUN!! We swam at South Padre two days ago... We can't do that in November in Ireland! Beautiful.

Tomorrow... Shirley Nance and two of her daughters are coming tomorrow, mother and sisters of the late Eric. It will be wuite emotional for me, as I have spoken to her on the phone lots and emailed her daughters... I can't wait to give Shirley a HUGE squoosh!

Talk soon everyone, and apologies again for the rushed nature of to Ireland in a day or so, then Rathgar concert (sold out) and then Kenya for daytrips for the kids.

Love to each and EVERY one of you!