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2007-10-19 a message from James

Hello All, and greetings from Kansas!

Another new state for the CTs...there have been quite a few this tour...the Dakotas, Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma still to go! I love to go to new places, but also, of course, return to some of our favourite old places!

As we are in Kansas, I wonder might it be an idea if I dressed as a Lion, Daryl dressed as a Tin-man, and Matthew dressed as a Scarecrow, while we back Dorothy in her shiny Ballina RED shoes as she sings "Katie"? What do you think? Or have I miscast the three of us? A rather disturbing image maybe?

Glad Heather, Barb, Joan and the FABULOUS Auntie Kathleen (she scored a big hit with the CTs!!) all got home safely... It was GREAT to see you all. And ladies...what a goodie basket!!?? This tenor has been SO good, watching everything he eats, and going to the gym regularly, and then a basket of wonderful cookies, chocolates, sweets, crisps and MUCH more arrived into the tourbus. I waited til they were all asleep and stole quite a lot out...they will never know!

It was strange that you got to see an acoustic concert. It was not planned! The speakers in the hall were like the worst supermarket speakers EVER and were impossible to use. The venue was so lovely, and backstage etc, but the speakers ought to retire to some lil' supermarket in the hills... "Kelly to Aisle 3 please, Kelly. Customers we have some great bargains in the deli for you today..." You seemed to enjoy it anyway, and "Song for Ireland" is already better. It has been shortlisted for several albums for years, it is nice to be doing it at last.

Anyway, I must go and wash and condition my mane for tomorrow...

Goodnight to y'All from Kansas!
Love to each and every one of you,