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2007-10-11 a message from James

Hi y'all from Pierre, or is it Peer?

Gretings from Pierre South Dakota, though they don't pronounce it correctly, but rather Peer! What's that about, eh?

All going great. It has been WONDERFUL to see so many of you popping up at different shows along the way, and we are so grateful, we really are, for your support.

Thanksgiving sounds lke Christmas in Ireland...turkey and cranberry stuffing etc and the leftovers on St Stephens absolute favourite, the day after leftovers! With home-made chutney...Hmm...this is no good, is it? I have had my bowl of oatmeal this morning, and a banana, and spent almost an hour doing cardio in the gym, so conversations about turkey and the trimmings is not good at the moment...Moving swiftly on.......

All the best to each and everyone of you, and thank you ALL.