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2007-09-30 a message from James

Love from a Wicklow cottage...

Hello everyone! Well, I really ought to be opening and sorting the PILES of post, dusting, tidying, washing clothes, trimming my box-hedge, picking all the apples off my lawn, and just making my little cottage look more cared for... but I just wanted to say a quick hello and give thanks to you all for your endless support as always!

As we will be away, just want to say Happy Birthday to all those October babies...
Hope you all have happy natal day celbrations!

Well, you can imagine our delight when we came onstage in Culpeper and saw 'Royalty' in the front row... Lord Harding and Lady Barrow, who (he is right), looked like Sophia Loren (Lady Barrow looked like Sophia, not Lord Harding) or some other glamorous Hollywood Icon. We, of course, do not see enough of Kathy and LOVE to see her there. Hope to see you soon again Kathy, and thanks for making the journey from the Blue Ridge. Thanks John for your INCREDIBLE review. Your description of our harmonies is so studied... talking of the final unison note etc...nice that people really notice things like that. When I am writing harmonies I really like the contrast between harmonies and will notice that in "Danny Boy" also... but then again, Lord Harding has a PhD in Harmony at this stage! And I have been getting therapy, and am now totally fine that you HATE my high notes... *!"X$£*** and breathe.......

Ok, I am now paranoid about my little cottage with the green door and green windows... I need to go and tidy... UGH!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, and love to each and everyone of you,