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2007-09-23 a message from James

Ohio callin'...

Internet in this hotel in Mount Vernon is VERY slow and a little erratic, so I hope you get this...

The Fall weather is SO wonderful on this vast continent of yours. Spectacular at times. Drives have been at times breathtaking.

The large trailer is mostly for Donna's luggage. But also holds everything from spare sound equipment to our own luggage etc etc. Suits etc hang on a clothes rail at eth back of the bus. Actually it is VERY roomy inside, reclining seats, two seats which collapse into a bed, and a large TV/DVD for some of our favourite movies, including my own personal favourite of all time - "A Mighty Wind". Actually I love ALL of Christopher Guest's work, including his new one "For your consideration". AMAZING. "Best in Show", FABULOUS!

Great to have seen several of you on this tour...Will not mention single names I think as I will get in trouble... but one gentleman came all the way from Essex! Another "Lady" came all the way from the Blue Ridge, great to see her, don't see enough of her. And a lovely lady from Utah. And prize-winners and their friends. And Mothers and daughters and lots more too!! And I also dedicated songs to people we THOUGHT were going to be there but weren't I think? Bruce? Mary-Ellen Murtaugh? Anyway, not to worry!

See some more of you down the road.

As you will have seen by now (gallery pics by James), this Celt cannot simply be near somewhere scenic and famous and not see it, so he decided to travel the hour from Culpeper to Shenandoah National Park. Weather was perfect. Hiked to a waterfall. Saw breath-taking vistas. SO glad I went. Shenandoah Park is WOW!

Talk soon again.

Love to each and every one of you!