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2007-09-09 message from James

This is a VERY brief little email from a rare day off&in lovely Pittsburgh&I like it here!

Just to say how overwhelmed I was with the messages that have flooded into my Inbox today& INCREDIBLE!
When I woke up I turned my phone on and I had constant bleeping of text messages&I waited for them all to come through&all 26 of them!

Then later on I did my emails&and was, as I say flooded by good wishes and SWEET messages from you all. Basically, as I head out for my company meal this evening, for my favourite cuisine (!!) (Think you know what my favourite cuisine is?), I am feeling VERY loved indeed. THANK YOU ALL.

I have sent pictures of our new little green bus& Hopefully you can see it.
(album pics by James).

Wonderful time so far on tour. Pittsburgh went great yesterday I think. SO sd about Big Luce! Our Pav is gone. I saw him live in Covent Garden when I was studying in London, doing Cavaradossi in Tosca. Even then he was slowing down, and when he died he just leaned against a wall, God love him. I feel privileged to have seen him. His favourite tenor was MY favourite tenor& Jussi Bjoerling. My idol of them all. But Pavarotti was and will remain an inspiration to us all. King of the High Cs, THE voice of the original 3 Tenors, and just a character larger than life in every way&Hard to believe he is no more. But with the mircale of recording, he lives on forever! May he rest in peace.

Love, and thanks, to each and every one of you!