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2007-09-02 a message from James

Hi All,

This will be very general in its nature, as I have so much to do before we head off to the US again...

I have been away this week with three very dear friends of mine on the Aran Islands... David, Deirdre and Majella (who appears in "Ten Thousand Tears"?). I love Inishmore on Aran, and for four days there was not a drop of rain, and so, James looks like a Friendly Match (you inderstand?). A big red head basically - An Buachail Rua! Four days of cycling, walking, seeing BREATHTAKING scenery, eating, drinking and most of all laughing! Quality time. It is SO necessary to spend time with your friends when you are not touring. And Aran is the perfect switching off environment, especially in the sun. Amazing.

Thanks to EVERYONE for amazing reviews.

My father had a wonderful time in Amsterdam and loved his belated 80th birthday gift from his youngest child. We saw quite a lot actually in the few days. He was also overwhelmed by some of you who took the time to speak to him... I was asked if you could post photos of him... No problem... he would LOVE the fame and adulation! No but really, there is no problem. He had SUCH a good time. Though he was not really able to manage the travelators in Schipol!!! He insisted on jumping off them. Quite funny, if a little scary.

We LOVED the Concertgebouw, and it goes down in my own list of 'career highlights'. I adore Amsterdam and could very happily live there...

Milwaukee, even though one show was cancelled because of driving rain and wind (it was really cancelled because of possible damage to the sound systems), was an INCREDIBLE experience. Looks like we may be repeating it also. I also LOVED the Minneapolis Festival. It was FUN and more intimate...

I will be in touch from the USA, honest.

Sorry I have to sign off now.

Love to each and every one of you, James.