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2007-08-02 a message from James

Hi All,
Just a little note in between ironing and packing etc... I think by now I ought to have someone to do that surely? Hmm...

Apologies to anyone who has booked for Bloemendaal. I always found it weird that we were doing two BIG concerts basically in the same area night after night!
Strange. Sorry to those Dutch fans who were coming, and also to any Germans who had planned on coming. Sorry to all affected. Concertgebouw will be almost sold out we are told.

We are on TV in Ireland this Saturday. This time for real. We recorded it last Monday night. We sing out the programme, no speaking, but we sing a song which we have recorded in the past, but this time a new version of it, with very high stratospheric lines in it...Aaaaaaaaaagh. Anyway, it is on RTE 1 on "Saturday Night with Miriam". I had never met Miriam O'Callaghan before but have always been a fan. She is BEAUTIFUL on SO many levels. And an expert interviewer and broadcaster. A star. We love her!

I will try to improve my writing on my postcards...Complaints still coming in! Hmm...maybe I ought to have been a doctor. At least I think of you all by sending the cards, eh?

Just heard today that Ronan Tynan's mother died. I tried to call him, but it was an answerphone, understandably. Many of you would like to know about his loss, if you don't already know. May she rest in peace.

I had better go and pack more now...I will see some of you soon, some of you in Amsterdam, and some of you in here on a virtual basis!

Take care, and love and a hug to each and every one of you,