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2007-07-23 a message from James

Hello Everyone!
Well I am back...

There are several big cities I really want to see, but have not as yet, so city-breaks are some of my favourite holidays. I always think that the main history of a country lies in its cities, not all its history of course, but it is a good place to start!

Thank you very much for your kind comments about my humble little web-page... it is really very basic, but thank you. Thought it was quite a good place to put the actual
history of the entire group too, through Ronan and Paul etc!

We are of course DELIGHTED about Padraig Harrington (I assume everyone knows Padraig is Gaelic for Patrick? It is funny how the English pronounce his name Padd-rague) etc). His Dad died only a couple of years ago, and he was very close, so it must be an amazing time for him emotionally. A huge victory for him, and for Ireland. His Golfclub at Stackstown in Dublin was on Sky News last night.

Now, as to my cities I have visited. People suggested Barcelona (sang in the opera there for about 7 weeks, and appeared there with CTs later on, adore Barcelona), udapest (sang on a Danube Opera Cruise ship there years ago - loved Buda and Pest too), Moscow (been there twice, once on a Russian Opera cruise from there to St Petersburg, INCREDIBLE), Rome (sang there with Katia Ricciarelli in Berlioz "L'Enfance du Christ", then in Florence the following evening, both cities are like open-air museums), Stockholm (Venice of the North, had singing lessons there with Britta Sundberg, one of my singing teachers, and went to the opera at Drottningholm, love Stockholm)...

Prague, for those of you who have not been, is BEAUTIFUL. The weather was sunny, hot, and fabulous. Saw all the major sights, and went to the opera - "Don Giovanni" - in the theatre where it received its premiere 220 years ago, with Mozart conducting. Also went to Terezin, which of course was heart-breaking, and too much to take in really. I love city-breaks, and there are several other big European cities which I have yet to see, so watch this space!

Love to each and every one of you,