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2007-07-16 a message from James

Hello Everyone!
Just passin' thru... I am actually going away for a few days...for an actual break...Yippee!


I hope Deirdre has a wonderful birthday on the 19th, whatever she may have planned.

With regard the dates in Latvia and Riga, I put them on the website (See, this Celt is not as computer-illiterate as some think!). We are able to update the official website ourselves. I have no more details about those dates at the moment...but will let you know. Thanks for the comments about my own web-page. Paul Arbuckle, who used to look after the main site, looks after my page, and I thought it was overdue an updating by a few years. The whole history of the CTs is interesting I thought from the first concert with Ronan! I may put more on as the monthsroll by...

Well, after much thought, I went to the Barbra Streissand concert on Saturday. The organistaion was APPALLING. A disgrace, and heads ought to roll, many of them. It took 2 hours to get out of the field - many people were sitting in wrong seats. It has been all over the radio ever since. But despite ALL of that, and astronomical ticket prices, Barbra was INCREDIBLE! She is well in her 60s I think, and her breath control, stage presence, voice, INTERPRETATION (in particular) was exemplary. She has been a huge influence to many, including this humble tenor, and it was SUCH a privilege to see her, and hear her. AMAZING.
(But the organisers should give many their money back, and publicly apologise profusely).

Anyway, I am off on a city-break, to a city I have never been to before, but looking forward to it HUGELY. That might get you thinking?


More on my return...
Love and a squoosh to each and every one of you,