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2007-07-08 a message from James

Hello All!
Well, just back, should be asleep, will try again soon! Body clock all over the place at the moment.

The Tubridy show was all very last minute actually, and was Ryan's last show of the summer, so quite cool to be on. He is very popular indeed, and justifiably so. Glad some of you got to hear it.

We are also on the "Miriam O'Callaghan Show" on July 28th I think on RTE.
Just one song.

With regard the Toronto article about the Lord Mayor...artistic licence!!!
Definitely. None of us said all. I think I will use MUCH more artistic licence in my columns! That was dreadful! And untrue. What are papers like? I have to say if I was to meet the Lord Mayor of Toronto I am not sure I would know him...but that never happened. Whew...Aaagh.

Sadly Skagen was WET! I love Kroyer's paintings and the Skagen painters since an exhibition in Dublin. I have been looking forward to seeing it so much. But we will have to go back, as we didn't really see it. The reaction on the night was great, crowd were lovely, with the help of beer too I think... The Festival could do with perhaps a little more organisation but it was a lot of fun, and I think we did not let you all down!

I am sure I have MUCH more to say to you all, but it's late and I can't think...sorry. I am going back for a brief visit to Kenya in November and for a longer visit (and more building) in 2008, but more of that anon.

Love and hugs to each and every one of you,