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2007-07-01 a message from James

Happy Birthday Daryl. Hope you had a great one with your family. Your first birthday as an official Celtic Tenor... Welcome!

And Happy Birthday Canada. We will see you again in a few days. We seem to be spending quite a bit of time there these times. And we don't have a problem with that. I just wish it was a little nearer. Maybe our government can think about a landbridge between Sligo and Halifax...

Thanks again to EVERYONE who welcomed me back from my life-changing trip to Kenya, and once again for all your generosity for my trip too. Actually I can now reveal that a few of us, probably just three of us, are returning this November (2007) just for about 5 days...details of what we are going to do on that trip will emerge soon, but this trip is at our own expense. Then NEXT year, 2008, we are probably going to return again (November I think) to build accomodation for the boys this time! Yes, it's official, I am hooked now. Those kid's faces stole my heart.
Anyway, just want to stop by and say Hi.Thanks to you all for your continued support, and see some of you down the road...

Love to each and every one of you!