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2007-06-21 message from James



Having known Niall as a friend since my schooldays, which was most definitely not today, or indeed yesterday, and having spent the last 7 or 8 years touring the world with Niall, it is such a strange feeling now to know that our touring together as fellow Celts has come to an end.


From our days together on the opera stage to our international signing to EMI, from private performances for Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan to recording in Abbey Road, from performances everywhere from Kamloops to Riga to the Albert Hall, from tours of Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, the Faroes, to cruising from Singapore to Ushuaia and Tahiti to Shanghai, from luxury 6-star hotels to the worst smelliest motels imaginable, I am sure our joint memories will live with us forever.


We are of course thrilled that we have secured the talented services, stratospheric tones, good looks and dazzling stage presence of Daryl Simpson from Omagh, and as you all know our diaries are full for the foreseeable future.


But we will miss Niall, and will never forget him as part of the original line-up of the Celtic Tenors. I wish Niall all the very best for whatever the future holds, both personally and professionally, and hope to see you soon Niall.


All the best from your friend and long-term colleague, James x.