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2007-05-07 a message from James

Just a few free days between our marathon tour of North America and our Middle East trip...
Thought I'd just say a quick 'Hi'


Thank you for your wonderful reviews, all so different. It is interesting that many of the reviews are more of a general nature, not just song-lists...some of you have been picking out quirky moments in the shows, or your favourite songs, or some of our more strange 'looks' (which I haven't seen, and can't explain, sorry).


Finally, I am not mentioning names, but I want to say a general thank you to EVERYONE who has given money, either after the concerts, or online through the account, towards my first humanitarian trip to Africa. There are some people out there with incredibly big hearts, and you know who you are, I could mention names but I think it might not be right to do that. So I am just saying, with hand on heart, that I am SO grateful and appreciative of your gestures. There is no middle-man in this project. The money is being taken to Kenya, and is being used directly to buy building materials (and clothes and food) in order to give these little AIDS orphans a second chance at life. Thank you all for your generosity. I have had my jabs in the arm last week, so it looks like I really am on my way


Lots of Love, James.